Give Us Hope

a collaborative virtual showcase

In light of our current global situation, we could all use more understanding, more joy, and more hope.

What is this?

This is a virtual showcase! We are hoping to collect videos from movers and dancers to compile them into a larger showcase. Tickets will be sold for access to this compilation, and all proceeds for this event will be donated to the Columbus Freedom Fund and to the Black Queer & Intersectional Collective (BQIC). The showcase will be held on Friday, July 3rd beginning at 6:00pm


Why are we doing this?

This year so far has been an undeniably difficult one. The current global pandemic and subsequent quarantine have been trying at best as we attempt to form a new normal. The ongoing stream of racial injustice and social disparity have left us disheartened as we attempt to be less divisive, and amplify the voices of the Black community. The recent events and on going protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, and many others before him have cause deep pain and hurt. Pride month reminds us that even with all the love we share in our studio, not all love is accepted outside of our doors. This year has been heavy in more ways than one, but we want to help through one of the ways we know best. 

Dance and movement is an amazing way to work through emotions. Columbus has a fantastic creative community of dancers, and aerialists, and movers of all sorts, and we would love it if you would be a part of our virtual showcase.

The rules are extremely loose so that you can be as creative as you'd like. We would like to continue to build our community by hosting an event in which we can all participate.


• The theme of our showcase, as you may have guessed, is hope. What that means is completely up to your interpretation.

• Anyone 18+ can participate. Any apparatus (pole, silks, trapeze, chair, sofa, bathtub), from any studio, any skill level, any style of dance or movement is welcome (modern, ballet, contortion, exotic, you name it). 

• You'll submit a video of no longer than 4 minutes (submission info below).

• Please submit your videos by 2:00pm on Tuesday 6/30/20. Please also send us a quick message letting us know you will be submitting a video, you name (or stage name if you prefer), and the name of the song used.

• Please submit videos in MP4 format with your name as the name of the file.

• Edit your submissions to your liking prior to sending them in.

• All choreography must be your own

• All proceeds for the event will be donated and the event will be held on  Friday, July 3rd.

Where can I submit my video?

Please submit entries by way of Google Drive to (Don't have a gmail account? It's free!) or drop off a flash drive with your video to our studio at 1411 W 3rd Ave in Columbus Ohio. If you choose to submit this way, please be sure to follow up with us to get your flash drive back.

What about tickets?

This event is donation based. As mentioned, all proceeds will be donated to local organizations - The Columbus Freedom Fund and to the Black Queer & Intersectional Collective.

Pay what you can through Venmo by clicking the button below. Please provide us with your e-mail address in the comment section when you pay. The day of we will e-mail you a link for the showcase!  The showase will be Friday July 3rd at 6:00pm





We would love to have you join us for our virtual showcase, and we would love to see what hope means to you.

Editing suggestions:

Putting together a video can be odd. You may be more used to presenting yourself on a stage or in front of an audience, but videoing is a little different. Here are some things to consider while putting your video together:

• What device will you use, and does it have enough storage? You may need multiple takes of the same pass.

• How will you edit your video? If you need to edit it on the computer, how will you transfer your video to your computer?

• What is your background like? Unless it is intentional, a clearer background will help us more easily see your lines and movements. 

• How is your environment lit? Will you be outside or using natural lighting? How does your lighting look on video?

• How will your camera be set up? Will you prop it up? Will you have someone hold your camera? Will they move around you or stand still? (Please be responsible if asking others for help, especially if they do not already live in your home. The stay at home order will technically be lifted soon, but please be cognizant of the possible health risks). 

• How will you be framed? (straight on, at an angle, up close, far away, etc.)

• Will you have shots from different angles, or just 1 continuous shot? Windows Movie Maker, or iMaker are generally pretty good for video editing.

Audio - you may need to edit in your music over your video. If that's the case, Audacity is a free software for windows and mac and it's pretty easy to use.

Finally, as we are donating all proceeds from this event, we are unable to provide compensation of any sort for your submission. Thank you for taking part!


Got a question about classes or want to book a party/private? Send us a message!


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Free parking can be found along the right side of the building  (from street view), or along Third Ave.

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