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February Student of the Month!

Ladies, gentlemen, and gentle-thems, it is our pleasure to introduce Jenna!

This lady brings a lot of joy to whatever class she's in (as well as a fair amount of incredulous looks!). Jenna started dancing with us in spring of 2017. She learned to climb and fly on multiple apparatuses, and has since refused to come down. Seriously, she's at the studio almost every single day! Jenna has a flair for the dramatic and loves putting on a show. If you have the chance, you should come see her at a recital!

We've asked Jenna a few questions to help you get to know her. Let's take a look!


- What got you interested in trying pole/aerial? A friend asked if we wanted to try all the 'new and weird' kinds of fitness as our new year's resolution. I tried once and was hooked. - What is your favorite pole move? That Cinderella/ice skater spin on spin pole

- Favorite food? I love pizza - every kind, from New York to Chicago, from high end flavor profiles to the $2 a pizza Totino's kind; I should be ashamed but it would be a bold lie if I said it.

- Favorite song to jam to? I go for the music from, or sounding like, it is from smoky jazz clubs, olde tyme dance halls, or supper clubs, and 80s and 90s classics; I know hardly any of the songs from choreo or flow, but sometimes that is nice. The studio is also an avenue into new music for me.

- What advice do you have for new people or for your past self? 'Getting' moves doesn't happen in a straight line. Practice, try them different ways, give them some mindspace, maybe walk away from them for awhile, but keep coming back. Not now doesn't mean not forever. Also, while aerial is a sport for everyone, every move or style isn't for every person - and that is ok. That is part of what makes this art as well as sport.

(A little instructor side note - This is very good advice!)

- Favorite SR related memory? I have loved anything dance and circus related all my life without having actually done much of it until I was an adult. Because of that, my first recital was an Extremely Big Deal. I was a crazy person about it. And then it went by so fast!! I was so happy someone filmed it. I must have rewatched it a thousand times. And for the next week I was so obnoxious - around the house I would wear the most insane things together and jokingly say to my husband, 'I am a Dancer now. I can wear this. I am quitting my job. I will be joining the circus very soon. I am sorry, I must go. My art calls me.' But all joking aside, it was a pivotal life moment in realizing that even though I have been around for awhile now, it is never too late to try something new or be brave. - Lastly a little this or that! Spins or inversions? Tumble down rather than invert up; flow over individual moves; practice makes perfect over learning the next thing; knee grips over elbow grips; and...I think spins over inversions.


Thanks, Jenna!

If you see Jenna around the studio, please be sure to say hello!

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1 Comment

Ashley Bartman Watson
Ashley Bartman Watson
Feb 19, 2021

Yes, Jenna is amazing! Her style of dance is so inspiring to me - she is just mesmerizing in the stories she tells. I'm so happy she's part of the SR family :)

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