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Let's Chat About Grip Aids!

It's hot out, everything is sweaty, we're doing physical exercise that will make us sweat even more, but we STILL need to grip onto that pole! A lot of us reach for a grip aid to help us through these sweaty sweaty times, but there are so many types! And they all have slightly different functions, so let's have a quick review.

First, we need to address our skin. Typically when we think about not being able to stick onto the pole, we think about being too sweaty, or too moist.


However, the opposite is also a problem! If your skin is too dry, you'll also find that you have a hard time sticking to the pole. There's a nice balance of hydration that skin needs for that perfect stick! In the winter months we have 1 problem, and another in the summer months. Let's learn about a few of your grip aid options. (Click on the name of each product to learn more or purchase).

Dry Hands - This is a studio favorite (and we sell it, should you even need some!). Dry Hands is a liquid chalk that works wonderfully for sweaty hands. Use it sparingly! A little dibble dab on your hands will be perfect, any more and you'll have a grubby pole! Because the bottles are on the smaller side, it's not the best to use on the rest of your body. You can purchase either in studio, or on the Dry Hands website. You can also find other types of liquid chalk grip aids on Amazon.

Dew Point - This grip aid can help add moisture to skin that's too dry (through they do offer different types of grip aid depending on your skin aaanndd they have a hand flow chart to determine which of their products could be the most helpful for you here . Another company that makes grip aid for skin that is too dry is Dancing Dust. In addition to grip aid, they also sell body shimmer. Just sayin'... Edward Cullen doesn't have to be the only sparkly one.

Is this even still a relevant reference?

iTac2 - Our first wax-based grip on the list, & another studio fave! It works well on dry and damp skin. They come in small packages but don't be fooled! A little goes a LONG way. Take a little on the back of your thumbnail and spread it where you want it. It can be used on your hands as well as on the rest of your body. It's super sticky and was designed with pole dancers in mind. Beware though - it can be weird to wash off your skin if you use a lot, and it'll leave residue on the pole (the residue comes off, it might just take a little work).

Tite Grip - This grip aid is an antiperspirant, so if you're a real Sweaty Betty, give this product a try. It comes in 2 different strengths and can be paired with another grip aid if needed. Just please don't use this if you already have dry hands as it can dry out your little grabbers.

Cramers Spray - This spray on grip aid is... well kinda like a spay on glue. It's a rosin-based grip aid and boy does it work. A little of this can go a long way as well. In fact, if you spray this on your inner thighs, they'll probably end up sticking together (there's a vague memory of a student telling us about how her butt cheeks ended up stuck together from this.. so.. you know). It can also leave a sticky residue on the pole if too much is applied.

Sweat Block - If you've got hyperhydrosis and are super sweaty no matter what you do or where you are, take a peek at this product. It's an antiperspirant designed specifically for those who cannot seem to stop sweating from their hands & feet. This is less of a grip aid, and more of a product that can help those who are more than just a little sweaty. We've not tried this product as neither Tammy nor myself suffer from hyperhydrosis, however the reviews on Amazon are pretty great and it might be worth a shot for those who need it.

Gorilla Snot - Okay we've never tried this product but the name was too silly not to share! It was originally created for musicians to help them keep a hold of their drumsticks or guitar picks while performing. It's rosin-based. and honestly kinda gross looking. It's probably not the best solution if you're looking to do spins on static pole, but it's (apparently) great for spin pole & can be used all over the body.

Pole Gloves - Definitely not our favorite option as those necessary calluses can't form with gloves, plus they don't look as cool as we would like. However if NOTHING else works, and you are the sweatiest of Sweaty Bettys but pole dance is your passion, maybe try gloves? They can be used to protect your hands and offer more of a grip. Again, they're not our favorite, but if you have to choose safety or style, pick safety!

Everyone's skin is different! So try different products to see which works the best for you and your body.

What's your favorite grip aid, or grip advise? Leave us a comment!

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