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Happy Friday! Let's Dance!

♥ Happy Friday everyone! Let's get kick this weekend off with a bit of music inspiration to get us dancing, and answer some of our frequently asked questions from newer students! ♥

Dang, those are some nice moves.



Pole dance can definitely feel awkward and difficult and hurty (and basically anything BUT attractive) when we first start out, and it's completely normal to have questions. So... let's take a quick dip into some of our FAQ.

Do I need upper body strength or core strength to do pole?/ What should I do outside of the studio to get stronger? - No extra strength needed! Come as you are. Exercising outside of the studio or taking aerial hoop classes/chair dance/ etc. can certainly help, but if you've found a movement style that really tickles your pickle, keep practicing! The more you practice, the more you'll develop those needed muscles.

How do you make this stuff look so easy? - Practice. Lots of it. Every pole dancer was new to pole once (including us!) so be kind to your self, and give yourself time! You'll be making it look easy too... and then we'll give you harder stuff 😈

Are you a stripper? - At the moment none of our instructors are strippers. But we are flattered when we're asked! We obviously take a lot of inspiration from stripper style, and are appropriating stripper culture. So while we aren't strippers, it's important to support them, respect them, and to kindly correct others when they speak negatively about strippers or sex workers in general. (#sexworkisrealwork)

I'm not in good enough shape to try pole dancing. - Okay, this one is not a question, but we hear this a lot. You are in good enough shape. It doesn't matter what that shape is, it's good and deserves to be loved, and deserves to move. So.. see you in class! 😘



If you're looking for some new music to wiggle to, we've got a few ideas! Here's what some of our instructors have been loving. ♥

♪ Emily has been jamming to - Boss B*tch by Doja Cat Emily says this song makes her feel like a f*cking boss and makes her want to dance more fast paced!

♪ Ashley enjoys Fire for You by Cannons. She says "It's got a good beat, the singer's voice is breathy, and something about it just makes me feel alive."

♪ Zoe likes Pony by Ginuwine. It's a classic. What's not to love? 😊

♪ Gaby has been listening to Love from NGC 7318

♪ Tammy has been listening to Seven Nation Army (Remix) by DMNDS


Do you have any pole or aerial questions for us? Leave us a comment below!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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