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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Oh, hello. We didn't see you there. No no.. don't leave. Have a seat. I bet you're wondering who we are. No? ...Oh.. Well, can you please keep reading anyway?

Thank you.


We are Tammy and Gaby, owners of Studio Rouge, a pole dance studio in Columbus Ohio! At the moment, Gaby is writing this, as Tammy is a bit busy petting her cat (we love cats, but we'll get into that another time, I think). Tammy and I have been poling and hanging upside down for a number of years now, and had the opportunity to take over ownership of Studio Rouge in September of 2018.

Studio rouge opened in February of 2011 and was originally created to provide a safe space for women from all walks of life to explore pole and aerial fitness, develop self confidence, and achieve their fitness goals. Since then we've opened our doors to folx of all genders & agenders.

We'd like to share our pole experiences with you, shed some light on any pole or aerial questions you may have, as well as help people feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Pole dancing is all around just fantastic! It encourages us to appreciate what our bodies can do, it builds strength, friendships, and self love. Have you ever tried feeling down about yourself when you accomplish something you never though you could do? Or when your classmates are complimenting how fantastic your butt looks? How about when your favorite song comes on and you get to be in your own little world dancing? It's nearly impossible. We highly recommend trying a class if that's something you have access to!

No matter your skin color, sexuality, gender or agender, body shape or size, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or background, we hope to welcome you as an important member of our community, whether that's in person at our studios or here virtually.



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