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Instructor Spotlight - Amber!

It's time to learn a little about each of our instructors and what makes them special to the studio. We're kicking off the first instructor highlight with the talented Amber! You can usually catch her teaching Twerkout, Twerk & Pole, Intro to Pole, and Pole 100 at our Clintonville studio on Monday nights! Stay tuned for the next instructor highlight next month!


What do you do outside the studio job-wise and/or for fun?

I'm a catering director, and I own an event planning company called Atypical Events. I focus on the EMOTION behind events and my passion is working with clients who want unique experiences that are out of the ordinary.

What drew you to try pole/aerial? How long have you been doing pole/aerial?

I love new experiences and interesting workout activities. I had also been to several strip clubs and was amazed at the strength and raw sexuality demonstrated by the performers. So when I saw pole dance demos at a wedding show in early 2013, I signed up for an intro class and never looked back.

Why did you first come to Studio Rouge?

Studio Rouge had a booth at the Columbus Wedding Show in 2013, so I jumped at the opportunity to take a spin on the pole at the show and I signed up for classes soon after.

Were there any unforeseen benefits that you discovered with pole/aerial? (If so, what?)

I have gained so much strength and confidence in my body. I've always been curvy and it took me a LONG time to be okay with the fact that I was never going to fall into the "conventional beauty" category. Pole, twerk and aerial have really helped me embrace my inner pin-up girl badass!

What’s your fav class to teach and why?

Although I have a body built to twerk ;-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching Intro to Pole classes. I love to have a group of people who may feel awkward or uncomfortable and get them laughing, having success in different moves and excited to come back for more. My goal is to for all my students to feel safe in my classes, no matter how they felt before they walked through the door.

What’s your fav class to take and why?

Lyra. There's just something so cool about flipping around in a hoop in the air. And it reminds me of playing on the monkey bars and jungle gym when I was a kid.

What’s your favorite move (on any apparatus, or no apparatus)?

No apparatus: Reverse stripper facial. It's so slinky and I'm real extra when I do it. On the pole: Dangerous bird

Got any pet friends? Tell us allll about them!

I have two 60lb snuggle bugs. Lola is a pitbull and Bozz is a pit/lab mix and they're both rescue pups.

We all, inevitably, run into self doubt and frustration during our training. Tips for getting through that?

Be kind to yourself. Everyone's body does different things day to day, so if your training isn't working for you at that moment, try something else. Also, I think it's really helpful to go back to the basics every so often. If you're having a hard time with something difficult, switch your focus to something you learned early in your training journey. It'll give you a feeling of success when you nail it and it's fun to adjust a basic move to fit your personal style.

Anything you want students to know who come to your classes?

I have 2 rules in all of my classes: 1) Have fun! 2) Cheer each other and challenge yourself. Everyone has different bodies that perform in different ways. When your classmate nails a move, cheer like hell for them, but don't be disappointed if it's something that you don't quite have yet. You're different people with different talents, and please believe, they'll cheer like hell for your successes too!

What’s your fav place to eat out at in Cbus (what’s your fav dish/drink there?)

Yeah, I'm not gonna pick. I love to eat and I'll try any restaurant at least once. So if you're ever looking for a dinner buddy, I'm always down for tasty food, interesting drinks and great conversation!

Thanks Amber! Be sure to say hi when you see Amber around to studio, or better yet, pop in to one of her classes!

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