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March Student of the Month!

We're pleased to introduce all of you to our March Student of the Month - Saline!

Saline is a newer student to Studio Rouge and has recently conquered climbing to the top of the pole (no easy feat, we would like to mention!). She has been working hard to hone those pole skills, and that hard work has been paying off! She'll be testing

into Pole 200 soon!

Here's a few questions we asked her about her pole journey!


- How long have you been doing pole? - I have been in pole classes for a month now, and actually managed to climb to the top on my 1 month of taking the 100 course.

- What got you interested in trying pole/aerial? - I have a friend in Brazil who has been doing pole for about 4 or 5 years and having followed her progress became interested myself, but I'm a little more on the shy and self-conscious side so it wasn't until recently that I was willing to give it a try.

- What is your favorite pole move or spin? - Still being new I don't know many pole moves or spins, but I'd have to say that my favorite spin for now would be the back hook spin.

- What's your current nemesis move? - My current nemesis is still climbing and probably sitting, but I am still learning and practicing.

- What's something you found surprising about pole? - I never expected pole to be easy, but I was still surprised at how much strength and core it takes to succeed in pole.

- What's your favorite food? - My favorite food would probably be spicy Vietnamese soup or Korean bulgogi. Otherwise, some simple spaghetti is always a great dish as well.

- What's your favorite song to jam to? - The two songs I like to listen or dance to the most recently are Fever by Dua Lipa and Angèle, and Baby by Madison Beer.

- Do you have any advice for people wanting to try pole? - I'd say for those wanting to come try pole, hoop, or aerial you shouldn't be afraid to try new things and never to feel embarrassed. We are all learning and we all stumble and fall. All the instructors and people I've had class with are so welcoming and we laugh with each other and not at anyone. I hope that anyone who comes can feel safe and accepted like I've felt since I started.

(She's makin' us blush! Okay but seriously, we're so lucky to have students

who support each other.)

Thanks, Saline!

If you see Saline around the studio - on the ground or in the air - be sure to say hello!

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