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Where Can I Get Pole & Aerial Clothing?

A (Very) Brief Guide to Clothing

For pole, we need to be able to have our skin exposed to help us grip onto the pole better, and we need that skin exposed fairly early on! Ever try climbing and sitting on the pole with leggings on?

Aerial is a bit different. Generally speaking, you'll want a bit more of your body covered to protect yourself from fabric burns on silks/sling, or prevent you from sticking on aerial hoop. Seriously, you'll only make the mistake of wearing too little to aerial class once. Ouch!

So.. where can we score some snazzy pole/aerial wear?

A bunch of places! But before we dive into some shops, here are somethings to take into consideration when purchasing.

  • Make sure it fits you. Sounds kinda obvious, but we've worn pole bottoms that seem promising, only to find out the elastic around the waist wasn't tight enough and people got a lil peek of things we wish they hadn't. If you can try it on, try it on and give yourself a wiggle! Make sure things stay in place, because when you're upside down concentrating on your contact points, the last thing you want is the added stress of "why do I feel a breeze there?"

  • For pole - The crotch should be 2-3 inches wide. Trust us on this.

  • You DON'T need to purchase expensive pole/aerial wear! Please don't feel as though you need to purchase something pricey to 'fit-in'. You can be frugal and still have effective pole/aerial wear. Swim suits, yoga wear, bike shorts, and sometimes underpants/shapewear with wider crotches can all be effective for pole! Seriously, co-owner Gabo regularly wears black underpants she bought from Wal-Mart, and no one's the wiser. Aerial gear is considerably easier to come by. Got some leggings, and a top? Perfect. Top too baggy? Tuck it into your leggings and voilà! You're ready to go!

Have bits of advice we missed? Share in the comments!


Okay, let's get to shopping!

Pleaser Shoes - $$ - $$$

  • pole - yes

  • aerial - no, are you crazy?

Pleather, glitter, chrome, mermaid, faux suede, rainbow glow in the dark, 1 inch, 10 inch, if you can dream it, they probably have it. Enjoy. 😘

Creatures of XIX - $$ - $$$

  • pole - yes

  • aerial - yes

This shop seems to be a favorite among a number of our students and instructors. They have cute outfits for both pole and aerial, as well as swim wear, lounge wear, and heels, and a nice sale section. They have a bit of an edgier style that a lot of people enjoy. Oh! and they also sell grippy leggings! Grippy leggings are perfect for people who want to pole, but aren't too keen on exposing more skin than they need to.

  • pole - yes/tops

  • aerial - yes

This company doesn't currently have pole bottoms available in it's shop, but it looks like they will occasionally have them for sale. The tops and leggings they look beautiful and they are a slow fashion brand which will cut and sew orders as they receive them. They also create their clothing from recycled polyester from recovered plastic waste, which is amazing!

  • pole - yes

  • aerial - yes/leggings

This Australian company has a decent amount of cute gear, and they also have pole tops and bottoms for curvier women, as well as a section for men's pole wear!

  • pole - yes

  • aerial - yes

This company also offers sticky leggings (in original and 'ultra grip'), knee pads, leggings, and swim wear. Their pole wear is clean in appearance and they have a lot of black.. which we like.

Pru Apparel - $$ - $$$

  • pole - yes/tops

  • aerial - yes

While this company doesn't sell the type of bottoms that are the most conducive to pole dance, they do have more yoga-style shorts, as well as cute colorful tops, leggings, and body suits.

Other websites to check out:

What's your favorite place to hunt for active wear? We'd love to hear! Let us know in the comments 😘

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