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Updates, Updates, Updates

We'd apologize for all the updates, however, we just want to be sure everyone is kept up to date with this crazy transition!

So this update is about Perkville. Unfortunately, we're unable to keep it with us after this transition to Wix, but we want to talk to you about why that is.

Perkville works by communicating with booking/retail systems to keep track of classes you take, purchases you make, and other system related ways to earn points. So every time you take a class, Mindbody tells Perkville - "Give that human some points!"

Unfortunately, Perkville and Wix don't have that same communication.

So after August 7th, students will no longer be able to earn points through Perkville.

Don't worry, though! We know you all worked very hard to get those points, and we want you to have the opportunity to use them, so students will have until the end of September to redeem their points for some perks!

We will have run a report that will tell us everyone's point balance and we will be keeping a copy of the perks that can be redeemed.

So, use it or lose it!

Although Perkville will be a thing of the past soon, we are working on other ways to ensure students have have access to some pretty kick-ass perks through our new membership plans! We're working on ways to promote a feeling of community within the studio, ways for students to give back to the Columbus community, and other discounts/ freebies to take advantage of all while achieving those pole/aerial/dance-y goals!

Also, make sure you're a site member!

In case you didn't see our last blog post - we're moving away from MindBody and will be booking through Wix! You can create an account with Wix by…

1. Going directly through our website (


2. By downloading the "Fit by Wix" app and joining the studio using code MFNAFH to register.

Things aren't super polished on the app just yet as we're still working on bits and bobs, but things should be smoother at the end of the month when the transition takes place.

Want more information on this MindBody to Wix thing? Check out our last blog post!

Okay, that's all for now.


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