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Pole Choreography (2h) - Clintonville

Pre-req: Intro to Pole + a few Pole 100 classes

  • Clintonville Studio (4575 N High St)

Service Description

In this 2 hour pole choreography workshop, we'll learn a longer pole routine and practicing refining our musicality. It's one thing to learn a pole move/transition/skill...but to put them all together AND to the music? Now that's a whole new challenge! You're sure to get a great workout in, get some new pole flow moves in your tool box, and have a blast dancing it out! Pre-req: Must have some pole experience (at least Intro to Pole and a 3-4 Pole 100 classes) to take this workshop. What to wear: A pole outfit this makes you feel comfortable to be confident. Platform heels are optional, but usually suggested. Please bring knee pads, too, just in case! For Rouge LOVE, and LIFE members: this class is half-off (only one class hour will be used, instead of two) For all other memberships and class packages, we'd love to have you join this class! Please shoot the studio a quick email so we can put you in and deduct 2 class hours (we have to do this manually).

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