Masks are required when inside both Grandview and Clintonville studios. 

Even though the studio has re-opened for in-studio classes, we need to remain diligent with protecting the health of students, instructors, and the community. 
Please take time to review this comprehensive list of the measures we will be taking as precautions against COVID-19. Our list was developed based off of the required and recommended guidelines published by the ODH.
We reserve the right to change/update these measures at any time pending guidance from the Ohio Department of Health,  the CDC, and the World Health Organization.   
It will take EVERYONE'S participation to ensure the success of these measures


Spacing, Capacity, Numbers
  • Limited class sizes:

    • Pole classes = 5 spots at Grandview, 8-13 spots at Clintonville (Instructor will have their own pole, no pole sharing)​

    • Aerial Hoop, Silks, and Sling classes = 3 spots at Grandview, 6 spots at Clintonville  (Instructor will have their own apparatus, no apparatus sharing)

    • Floorwork, Twerkout, Flexibility, Flex Flow, Chair Dance = 6-15 spots depending on studio and if there is another class happening at the same time

  • Poles in each room are at least 6ft apart, rig points in aerial room are more than 6ft apart. 

  • Staggered class start times to minimize cross traffic between incoming and outgoing classes.

  • Studio doors propped open to minimize need for touching handles to enter/exit facility.

  • 15min to 30min between each class to allow instructors time to disinfect high traffic surfaces and equipment, and to minimize cross traffic between students.

  • Lost and found eliminated.

  • Student check-in and instructor shift schedule available for potential contact tracing.

  • Signage reminding students and instructors to wash hands/sanitize upon entry, maintain social distance, wear face masks, sanitize equipment after use, and to remain mindful of following studio's COVID policies will be posted at entry, exit, and at multiple points around studio.

  • Instructors and students to wash hands or use sanitize hands upon entry. Sanitizer products readily available to all students & instructors at multiple points throughout studio (touch-less hand sanitizer dispensers will be distributed around studio and at entry, current ETA is June/July due to back-order).

  • EPA approved disinfectant products will be provided to students to wipe down equipment after use.

  • Instructors to do a thorough check and extra cleaning of equipment/apparatuses used during class, in addition to high traffic surfaces before, between, and after each class. 

  • Thorough sanitization of studio completed after last class/close of business on daily basis. 

  • bioPURE™ hospital grade disinfection treatment of whole facility 1-2x per month at both studios. EPA registered and approved to be effective against Coronavirus.

Questions? Please contact

the studio at

Common Areas, Cubbies, Restroom

  • Entry area couch and arm chair taped off to prevent sitting/lingering before and after class at Grandview. No seating area provided at Clintonville. 

  • Cubbies to be spaced out with max distance between them. 

  • Restroom to be disinfected at minimum every 2 hours, before opening studios, and after closing studios.

  • Max of two people at a time can wait for restroom, making sure to remain 6ft apart. 

  • Students:

    • Please make every effort to come to the studio already dressed in the proper attire for class to minimize the use of the bathroom as a changing room and keep it available for hand washing (and normal bathroom functions). 

    • Please bring your belongings with you into class and place against wall nearest your apparatus rather than using cubbies to minimize hallway traffic. 


  • It is the responsibility of any instructor on the premise to do what they can to protect students and other instructors from COVID-19 transmission and adhere to all sanitization protocols. 

  • All instructors trained on and required to diligently carry out sanitization protocols and implement best practices before, during, between, and after classes. 

  • Instructors encouraged to perform self assessment before coming to studio to teach, and will have ready access to forehead thermometer to check temperature at studio. 

  • Instructors are not to teach and refrain from physically coming to studio if they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms and/or have been tested for COVID-19 (until a negative test result is received). 

  • Instructors are REQUIRED to wear masks when not at their own apparatus. Each instructor is given their own workspace/apparatus for the duration of each class.

  • Instructors will respect students' wishes to not be spotted and will make every effort to design class plans that minimize the necessity for spotting. 

  • If instructor does provide hands-on-assistance to consenting student, instructor shall sanitize hands immediately afterwards.

  • Instructors check in students on their own phones, rather than using the studio iPad (reserved for use with processing in-studio purchases only). 

  • Instructors bring their own mats and accessories (ex. pole grips) to class. 


  • Students who choose to take in-studio classes understand the risks of taking a group class and are responsible for doing their part in mitigating viral transmission and adhering to all studio COVID precautions. 

  • Earliest entry into studio is 10min before class start time. Students may have to wait outside (in car, if necessary or preferred) until 10min until class start time. Students to leave within 5-10min after class to ensure minimal foot traffic between classes. Please, no lingering at this time. 

  • Students reserve the right to decline a spot/hands-on-assistance: COVID related or not, students always have the right to refuse hands-on-assistance from instructors. Please be clear (and courteous) about this wish to prevent confusion - students are encouraged to advocate for themselves. Please note, however, that if a student is not able to perform a move safely without a spot and declines a spot they will not be permitted to practice said move during that class and will be given an modification or alternative skill to work on. 

  • Students are REQUIRED to wear masks upon entry/exit and whenever walking around common areas. Students have the option take off their masks when at their designated pole/hoop/chair/dance space. Studio Rouge branded face masks are for sale (in-studio and online), and the studio will make every effort to keep a stock of disposable face masks should a student to forget to bring one.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own:

    • Mats​

    • Pole cleaning towels

    • Grip aids (studio will be refraining from sharing grip aids with students)

    • Blocks and yoga straps (when applicable, ex. Flexibility or Flex Flow , or Conditioning classes)

  • Upon arrival to studio, students exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to participate in class and will be early cancelled (pass to be returned to account).

  • Option to check for temperature of over 100.4°F with forehead thermometer will be available to anyone entering studio.

  • Students/visitors exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms are encouraged to advocate for their health and protect the community by arranging for COVID-19 testing. Please call the Ohio Department of Health (open 7 days a week, 8am-9pm): 1-833-427-5634 to set up a test. 

If you do not yet feel comfortable coming to the studio for in-person lessons,
we welcome you to join our virtual classes (link below)or schedule a virtual private (send us an email)!


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