Studio Rouge offers 6 levels of pole dance fitness classes beginning with Intro to Pole and culminating in Pole 500.  As you progress through each level, you will build strength, flexibility and endurance… and achieve more than you thought possible!



Welcome to our pole family!  In this introductory workshop, you’ll learn basic skills i.e. proper muscle engagement, grips, spinning technique and transitions.


You MUST complete Intro to Pole before enrolling in Pole 100. (If you have previous pole experience, please contact us via email before registering.) $27 or one class pass hour.

POLE 100

You've taken Intro to Pole and are ready to start learning more spins, practice transitional floorwork, and reach new heights by training your pole climb.


Students usually take 4 to 6 classes at this level before attempting the Pole 100 test.  Pre-requisite: Intro to Pole, or instructor permission.


POLE 200

You’re getting stronger now!  As a beginner-intermediate student, you’ll be learning a number of sits and poses up the pole, and continue practicing more spins and transitions.  You’ll also rev up the core conditioning to prepare for level 300! 


Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Pole 100 test or instructor permission.

POLE 300

You’re ready to invert! As an intermediate student, you’ll learn the fundamentals of inversion technique, start working on inverted positions such as leg hangs, butterfly, brass monkey, and continue adding more intermediate/advanced spins to your arsenal.
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Pole 200 test or instructor permission. 


POLE 400

The sky’s the limit! You’re taking on more challenging inversions such aerial shoulder mounts, various ayesha grips, and more tricky transitions/combos.  
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Pole 300 test or instructor permission. Must be able to invert aerially (ex. helicopter, shoulder mount, etc...).

POLE 500

Congrats, you are a pole star! You’ll be working on advanced grips, dynamic aerial combinations, and setting individual pole goals with the help of an instructor. 
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of 400 level AND instructor permission.

Wondering if this is the right level for you? Shoot us a message with info on what you've been working on (feel free to include your IG to help assess your level).


60 minute open studio time for pole students to further practice what they've been working on in regular class. Perfect for getting extra training on a "nemesis" move, revisiting some basics, or getting some extra pole time in.

Please note:
1. Pre-req: Intro to Pole, or prior experience (please email studio FIRST)
2. Instructor will be in studio, but will not be providing formal instruction.
3 . Students are not to teach other students.

One Open Practice Pass ($15)


If you've never tried spin pole before, start here! We'll learn the fundamentals of working on spin pole, including creating and controlling speed, climbing technique and much more! For those who have a few spin pole classes under their belts, this is also a good class to review spin pole basics.


Pre-requisite: Intro to Pole, must also be able to climb and sit at Pole 100-level.

SPIN POLE 200-500

Continue translating what you're training on static pole onto spin pole! We'll work on using momentum to your advantage, and moving with fluidity and grace for different poses or through mini-combinations that apply what you've been learning in Levels 200-500 (static). Spin pole conditioning exercises are trained at the beginning of each class as well. 

Pre-req:  Intro to Pole and the requisite pole level, or prior experience with instructor permission.


Working on individual pole moves is one thing, but connecting a series of moves together, making it look good, and to the music on top of that is a whole new type of challenge.


In this 2 hour workshop, we'll learn a saucy routine that exercises both your mind and body!

Pre-req: Intro to Pole, comfort with pirouettes and basic pole flow transitions. Heels encouraged, but not required. 


Do you think freestyling time = torture? Perfect your transitions by learning combinations that seamlessly connect moves of all levels and put your own stamp on your dancing!  


Pre-requisite:  Intro to Pole. Heels encouraged, but not required.