If you've never tried spin pole before, start here! We'll learn the fundamentals of working on spin pole, including creating and controlling speed, climbing technique and much more! For those who have a few spin pole classes under their belts, this is also a good class to review spin pole basics.


Pre-requisite: Intro to Pole, must also be able to climb and sit at Pole 100-level.


Continue translating what you're training on static pole onto spin pole! We'll work on using momentum to your advantage, and moving with fluidity and grace for different poses or through mini-combinations. Intermediate to advanced moves (such as inversions, leg hangs, brass monkey, etc...) will be trained. Spin pole conditioning exercises are trained at the beginning of each class as well. 

Pre-req:  Intro to Pole and Spin Pole Basics. Also recommended to have taken at least a few of our regular static pole classes .


Working on individual pole moves is one thing, but connecting a series of moves together, making it look good, and to the music on top of that is a whole new type of challenge.


In this 2 hour workshop, we'll learn a saucy routine that exercises both your mind and body!

Pre-req: Intro to Pole, comfort with pirouettes and basic pole flow transitions. Heels encouraged, but not required. 


Do you think freestyling time = torture? Perfect your transitions by learning combinations that seamlessly connect moves of all levels and put your own stamp on your dancing!  


Pre-requisite:  Intro to Pole. Heels encouraged, but not required. 


Got a question about classes or want to book a party/private? Send us a message!


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Free parking can be found along the right side of the building  (from street view), or along Third Ave.

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