liability Waiver + intake form

Completion of this waiver and form is required to participate in any class, party, or private before your first time visiting the studio. It only has to be filled out once, and will be kept on file on your account for internal use only. Thank you for filling it out!

I hereby indemnify, release and hold harmless Studio Rouge, LLC, its agents, representatives, employees and assigns (hereinafter Studio Rouge, LLC) from and against any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses that I, my heirs or legal representatives have or may have arising out of any accident, illness, or any other type of incident through which I or my heirs may be injured or damaged arising from or in any way related to my participation in the classes, both in-person and online, of Studio Rouge, LLC, including the use or practice of Studio Rouge, LLC material outside of the Studio Rouge, LLC facilities.

I understand that the activities that I will participate in are physically strenuous, and due to the nature of the activity, may be inherently as or more dangerous than any other type of exercise class, dance class or routine and may cause serious bodily injury. Therefore, Studio Rouge, LLC recommends that I do not attempt any Studio Rouge class or party after I have ingested any alcohol or other medications the day of the session.

I understand that being in close proximity of others increases my risk for contracting any contagious illness or sickness others in the studio may have. I also understand that it is my responsibility to abstain from in studio class instruction if I have a worsening cough, a temperature of 100.4 F or greater, gastrointestinal symptoms of illness (such as, but not limited to, nausea, vomiting, or upset stomach), if I have a recent loss of taste or smell, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 30 days.  I will exercise extreme caution when signing up for in studio classes if I have been in contact with someone who is suspected to have, or has had a positive COVID-19 test result, or if I have been exposed to anyone with a COVID-like illness within the past 30 days.

I have been informed that Studio Rouge classes are part of a unique and trademarked method of instruction that belongs solely to Studio Rouge, LLC, and may only be used by me for my enjoyment and not for any profit or other gain. The Studio Rouge classes may only be instructed by fully trained and certified Studio Rouge instructors. I agree not to represent to anyone that I am qualified to teach Studio Rouge material without first gaining the signed, written consent of Studio Rouge, LLC.

If I am injured during said activity, I will not hold Studio Rouge, LLC responsible even if the injuries were caused by negligence on my part or on the part of Studio Rouge, LLC.

I further understand that thorough efforts have been made to make sure the studio is as clean and sanitary as possible and in accordance with Ohio Department of Health and CDC guidelines, and to ensure my instruction session(s) are as safe and enjoyable as possible. However, I and I alone am responsible for my own safety. I pledge to listen carefully to all instructions as well as pay attention to my own body’s physical limits. 

I understand that I must comply with all studio policies and procedures for minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

I understand that by signing this waiver, I assume any risk, take full responsibility, and waive any and all claims of personal injury or illness relating to all activities associated with Studio Rouge, LLC.

By agreeing to this waiver, I released Studio Rouge, LLC from all liability in regards to exposure to COVID-19 and understand that I may be required to sign updated waivers in the future as deemed necessary by Studio Rouge, LLC. I understand that this and future policies and protocols are subject to change. 


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