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Ready to give pole dance and pole fitness a try?  You're in the right place!    

Signing up in advance of class is necessary, so click "Sign Up" below and get ready to try something new!

New to the studio or haven't signed a waiver since new ownership started May 21st 2022Please fill out this waiver BEFORE your class! (only needs to be filled out once to have on file)

What to expect: 

For your first ever pole class, expect to be in class with others from different backgrounds who've never tried pole dance before either! This class is for EVERY BODY. No matter your gender/a-gender, body shape or size, sexuality, ethnicity, skin color, prior movement experience, you are welcome here!
Class will start off with a personal introduction and warm up, which includes a couple of fundamental pole conditioning exercises (these set you up for success later!). Next, we get acquainted with the pole by learning a few fun and essential pole moves/transitions strung together in a short routine. Class concludes with an optional freestyle and then cool down. 

Once you've taken Intro to Pole at least once, you'll start taking Pole 100 level classes where you'll refine what you learned in Intro and build on these skills with new spins, pole climbing, pole sits, and more! Take 100  level classes until you have worked through this level's curriculum and then test in to Pole 200. It is suggested to take at least five 100 level classes before testing into Pole 200 to ensure you have the strength and understanding needed to safely advance to the next level. Keep working through the curriculum of each level and then test into the next, and you'll be flying around the pole in no time! 

What to bring/things to note: 

  • Please wear leggings or workout pants and a comfortable  workout top (think yoga wear). We'll be barefoot, but feel free to bring heels to try out for the end of class (heels are always optional)!

  • Please forego using lotion before class (makes your hands slippery!) and wearing any metal rings or bracelets during class.

  • Bring a water bottle! The studio doesn't have a water fountain, but there is a sink for refilling water if needed. 

  • Please be mindful of the studio's COVID precautions. Depending on what's going with the pandemic and any applicable mandates, this can change from time to time. Click here for the latest polices/precautions.

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