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Studio Rouge Policies & Code of Conduct

Not the most exciting....but definitely worth a read!


We take the safety of our students very seriously, and having an appropriate warm up is crucial, enabling your body to safely practice. If you are more than 10 minutes late, please understand that we cannot let you participate in class.


Respectful Transitions Policy

As we continue to create a positive and focused atmosphere in our studio, we kindly remind everyone to be mindful of others’ experiences and practice times. If your class has concluded, we gently request that conversations and activities not related to the ongoing classes be taken outside of the studio, allowing the next group of students to begin their session in a serene and undisturbed environment.

Class Cancellation Policy

If you have registered for any class or workshop and need to cancel, you must remove yourself from the roster a minimum of 24 hours before the start time. Any cancellation within 24 hours of the class start time will be considered a late cancel and no credits, makeups or reschedules will be granted. Please understand that class capacities are limited and less than 24hours leaves last minute spots very unlikely to be filled. There are no exceptions (including, but not limited to, job craziness, sickness, traffic/not finding parking, periods, being hung over, being hypnotized or bitten by a vampire, having to travel or travel last minute,  unexpected lycanthropy, or forgetting).

For information on cancelling your auto-renew membership, click here


Waitlist Policy

Students have the option of placing themselves on a waitlist for any full class or workshop. If there is an early cancellation and you are on the waitlist, you will be *automatically* placed on the class roster and notified via email. Please do not place yourself on the waitlist if there is any  possibility that you will not be able to make the class. The 24-hour cancellation rule still applies – if you are automatically put on the roster and then late cancel/no show, you will lose your class credit . No exceptions.

Drop in Policy

Please note, we do not accept drop ins/walk ins. We require our students to register and enroll for classes online in advance. Our classes can fill up pretty quickly, so it is important to sign up for class to reserve a spot before arriving. 

Refund Policy

All purchases (including class packages, guest workshop passes, private instruction, parties, and merchandise) are NON-REFUNDABLE.  No exceptions.

Prohibited Behavior

Studio Rouge is committed to promoting an environment that is free from unacceptable behavior, including, but not limited to harassment and violence in any form, drug, alcohol or illicit substance use, verbal or physical intimidation, vandalism, racial or religious violence, taunting, sexual harassment, or sexual violence. Studio Rouge must be immediately notified of any situation involving an unacceptable behavior for further investigation and potential sanctions. Such sanctions may include termination of employment if by an instructor, and/or termination of the student’s class privileges.

Liability Waivers

Every student must have filled out and signed a liability waiver either online or a hard copy version in -studio BEFORE participating in their first class. Please save yourself time and paper by filling out the online participation using the link below. This form only has to be filled out once. 

Participation Waiver

Mask Policy

Please stay safe and show respect to the studio community as a whole by abiding by the current mask policy (check what it is here).  If there is a mask mandate in place, all visitors will be required to follow it. 

Help Keep the Studios Clean For Everyone by: 

  • Always removing your outside shoes at the entrance area. Things like salt in the winter and water from rainy days dirty up the floors that we all dance on. 

  • Wipe off any equipment (including, but not limited to, poles, hoops, crash mats, yoga mats, yoga blocks, etc...) you may have used during your time at the studio with the alcohol bottles provided around each studio room. 

  • Please do not consume food or anything other than water while in studio.

  • Please do not touch the mirrors...they're terrible to clean even from the smallest finger print smudge.

Chewing Gum: 

Because chewing gum while physically active poses a serious choking hazard, especially when going back and forth between inversions and being right side up, do not chew gum while in class.

Cell phone/Device Use

  • Feel free to record yourself during class as a tool to track progress and capture moves/combos that you're proud of or want to revisit in the future! When possible, please try to angle your phone so that only you are in the shot and minimize having other students in the background to respect their privacy. 

  • DO NOT take phone calls while in studio with the speaker function on. If absolutely necessary to be on the phone while in studio, please refrain from using the speaker function as it serves as a distraction and is disrespectful of ongoing classes. 

We truly appreciate you reading this over and helping us keep studio a safe, clean, and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you!

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