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You've got questions, we've got answers.

1. How do I sign up for classes? 

Check out our online class schedule and click sign up next to the class of interest! Payment will be due upon signing up (feel free to peruse our different membership plans and a-la-carte passes here). As a result of signing up for a class, you'll have made an account in our booking system so that you can check on your upcoming schedule, cancel yourself out of classes if needed, and stay connected to the studio's happenings. 

Please note: signing up in advance is required for all classes due to limited class sizes. 

2.  How much does a class cost?

Please click the box below or a full list of our pricing options!

3.  I’ve heard pole dancing is great exercise and it sounds fun… but I’m still a little nervous about signing up.  What can I expect?

At Studio Rouge, you will find students from all demographics and fitness levels having a great time in a supportive, relaxed environment.  We have two goals – to provide quality dance instruction with an emphasis on safety and to ensure our students enjoy their time at the studio.  Class will begin with a warm up and conditioning exercises, then we will focus on a beginner routine that incorporates basic transitions and spins to get you acquainted with the pole. Please arrive 10min before class (bring your mask!) to get settled and fill out liability waivers. Still feeling hesitant? Register for our Intro to Pole class and see what pole dancing is all about.

4.  Level with me – do I need dance experience for this?

No!  Come as you are and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you progress with a can-do attitude AND consistency.  Dance experience is nice, but not necessary! Our instructors will build on your foundation and challenge you in new ways. 

5.  Level with me again – is this just for younger people?

No!  This dance form is for anyone over the age of 18 with an adventurous spirit.  All ages, shapes, sizes are welcome at Studio Rouge and we want you (yes, YOU!) to come dance with us.

6. But what do I wear?

Wear your normal yoga/workout attire!  You’ll find students and instructors alike in yoga pants and form-fitting tanks/t-shirts for Intro to Pole and all aerial and exotic classes. As you progress to Pole 100, you will start wearing shorts for climbing (direct skin on pole contact is needed to safely train many pole moves).

7.  Anything I shouldn’t wear?

No lotions or oils!   They make the poles dangerously slippery for you and your fellow students. Also, no rings, bracelets or watches  – it will damage your jewelry and the poles.

8.  How many students are in your classes?  How many poles and aerial rigs are there?

Poles: There are nineteen 45mm chrome and stainless steel X-Poles that are 14ft tall and roughly 9 ft apart from each other (studio space is divided into two class areas). Poles can be set to static or spin mode.  Class sizes are limited to about 8 students per classThere is not pole sharing between students, but an instructor may need to borrow a pole here and there if class if completely full.

Aerial rigs: There are 8 rig points to hang hoops or aerial silks/hammocks from. There is a max of 7 students per class.

9. How are the poles and hoops disinfected and how often?

Poles are disinfected before, between, and after classes with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Aerial hoops (not taped, metal is exposed) are disinfected with either 70% isopropyl alcohol or sanitizing wipes (ex. Clorox wipes).

BioPure treatments are applied to each facility every month for total disinfection. 

For a comprehensive list of the studio's COVID policy and precautions, please click below!

10.  Who can take a class (aerial, pole, exotic, flexibility, etc...)?

Everyone! We are an inclusive studio - all genders, races, sexualities, body shapes/sizes are welcome! If you have an adventurous spirit and are over the age of 18 years old, we would love to welcome you to the studio. Some of our classes are more suggestive in nature, hence the  age limit. 

11. Are there roll-overs for unused classes with the memberships (auto-renew)? 

There are no roll-overs for unused class hours. Please make your best effort to use all the classes in your membership plan. Should you need to upgrade or downgrade your membership plan (ex. you know you'll be traveling a lot during a certain month but can realistically make 4 classes that month, opt to downgrade to the Rouge LITE for that month) please reach out to the studio via email. Upgrades or downgrade requests made more than 14 days of your next billing date will be able to take effect in the next billing cycle. Change requests made within 14 days of the next billing cycle will take effect the billing cycle after next. 

12.  My friend enrolled in Pole 100 and keeps encouraging me to sign up, too.  Could I come with her and just watch a class first?

Sorry.   For the privacy and comfort of our students, we do not allow observation at any time. 

13.  I’ve taken pole classes at a different studio.  How do I know which class level to sign up for at Studio Rouge?

We ask that you contact us via email before registering to discuss the right class level for you! If you have a social media account that reflects your current experience, feel free to include that in your email!

14.  I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable taking classes in a group setting.  What about private lessons?

Private instruction is a great way to gain confidence while learning at your own pace.  Any of our session classes or workshops can be taught one-on-one… just drop us a line!  

15.  Do you allow drop ins for classes?

Unfortunately, no. We require our students sign up online before class to reserve a space. With limited class sizes and as a COVID precaution, it's necessary to ensure you have reserved a spot in class before traveling to the studio.

16.  Do you have a late cancel, waitlist, and refund policy?

Great question! We do!

Refund Policy: No refunds. No exceptions. This includes class purchases (including all packages), guest workshop purchases, party and private purchases, and merchandise. Please, please, please purchase with intention and read all policies before purchasing.


Waitlist policy: Joining the waitlist DOES NOT mean you are in class and DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in class. It simply means that, should a spot open in the desired class, you will be added to class by the Wix scheduling system and sent an email/text notification confirming that you are in class. Only add yourself to the waitlist if you can definitely make the class should a spot open.

Late Cancel Policy: Canceling your reservation in a class within 24h of class or no-showing to a class will result in a late cancel. If you have a class package (ex. 8h class class), then the class hour will be "used" as if you had attended. Classes are not refundable whether they are early cancelled or late cancelled. No exceptions - please purchase with intention. 

We are happy to answer questions - please reach out if you have any!

17.  I've signed up for a class! Where should I park?

Clintonville Studio (4575 N High St): Free parking along side streets (ex Sheffield Rd., Weisheimer Rd, Dominion Blvd, at the Beechwold Building (north side of Sheffield), or behind the Flag Lady's Store when they're closed. Do NOT park at the Beechwold Hardware store or behind TY Furniture, 

18.  What if I Get COVID?

If you have a membership (RougeLITE, RougeLARK, RougeLOVE, RougeLIFE), we will suspend your membership plan for the the 2-3 weeks you may need to recover from COVID and not be contagious anymore. Please notify the studio via email so that the membership can be paused. In addition, RougeLOVE and RougeLIFE members get one waived late cancel a month as well (just let us know when you want to redeem that perk via email).
There are no exceptions for late cancels (except if using the one waive/month perk for LOVE or LIFE members) or refunds in the event of exposure or coming down with COVID. 

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