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Open Aerial - Clintonville

Personal pole time to keep working on your aerial goals!

  • 1 hour
  • Clintonville Studio (4575 N High St)

Service Description

60min open studio time for students to further practice what they've been working on in regular class for aerial hoop, sling, or silks. Perfect for getting extra training on a "nemesis" move, revisiting some basics, or getting some extra fly time in. Please note: 1. Pre-req: Intro to Silks and/or Intro to Hoop, or instructor permission 2. Instructor will be in studio, but will not be providing formal instruction. 3 . Students are not to teach other students. 4. This Open Pole takes place at the Clintonville Studio (4575 N High St) - parking tips located on our website on the Locations page!

Upcoming Sessions

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