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MindBody is GONE. Now What?

Blessings. We made it. The transition of account information from Wix to MindBody has, for the most part, been completed! Yes!!

But, with every transition, there are questions about the new process. So, we thought we would go over some of our more frequently (so far) asked questions here 😊

1 - How Do I Access My Account In The New Booking System?

  • If you're already a site member, log in through the website (there's a log in bar at the top of the homepage), or log in using the "Fit by Wix" App (member code: MFHAFH).

  • If you didn't create a login through the website before 8/31, but had unused, active passes in the old MnindBody system, an account was made for you so that we could transfer those passes . You'll need to request a password reset using the SAME email address you used for your MindBody account - log in for the first time using the website's login bar (top of the homepage). Keep in mind, the password reset link can take up to 12 hours to come through (Yeah. We know. We don't have any control over that).

  • If you were attending classes on or before 8/31 but didn't have any active remaining passes, go ahead and make your account using the website or the "Fit by Wix" app! From there you can take a look at the class schedule and the membership or class package options that work best for you!

2 - How Do I Know If My Old MindBody Passes Were Transferred? Or How Many Class Hours Do I Have Left To Use?

  • In the Fit by Wix App - From the homepage / landing page tap your profile icon in the upper left corner --> tap your name --> tap "My Activities" tab --> Select "My Subscriptions".

  • On Desktop/Website - From the login bar drop down, select "My Membership"

  • If you still have concerns about your MindBody passes, please let us know! We still have access to the MindBody data until 9/11. So please, let us know as soon as possible.

3 - Where Is The Class Schedule? / Where Do I Sign Up?

I know it sounds silly, but please be sure to read the class descriptions & pre-requisites if you're signing up for a class you've not yet taken 😅

There is a schedule on the homepage of our website, but it's important to note that that schedule is made specifically to only show beginner classes and workshops. To find all other classes, please do the following:

  • In the Fit by Wix App - From the homepage tap "Class Schedule" under the header section

  • On Website -

- Desktop: From the homepage --> click "Class Schedule" in the top right navigation bar.

- Mobile: From the homepage --> tap the 3 lines in the upper right hand corner --> tap "Class Schedule" towards the bottom, & give it a moment to load.

Thank you all so so much for your patience during this weird process! We really appreciate it. Have any questions that we didn't go over here? Please let us know by either leaving a comment below, or by sending us an email!

We hope to see you soon!

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