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Instructor Spotlight - Sarah!

Let's learn a little more about our staff! Our next instructor highlight is Sarah! You can usually catch her teaching at our Clintonville studio on Tuesday nights! She's one of our instructors that has been around the longest! No seriously.

Sorry, Sarah 😂

Here's Sarah!

What do you do outside the studio job-wise and/or for fun?

I love to read, take walks, hang out with friends and nap :)

What drew you to try pole/aerial? How long have you been doing pole/aerial?

I have been doing pole for a little over 8 years now. I started it as a way to not sit on my butt all day in graduate school, and got hooked!

Why did you first come to Studio Rouge?

When I moved back to Columbus, I was looking for a new studio; when I tried out Studio Rouge, there was such an intimate, supportive community that I never wanted to leave!

Were there any unforeseen benefits that you discovered with pole/aerial? (If so, what?)

Friends! I started pole thinking that it would be more of a personal journey, but I have met some of my best friends through the studio. They have gotten me through difficult times and make the good times so much better!

What’s your favorite class to teach and why?

I really enjoy teaching intro type classes. I remember that I was so anxious when I started pole, and I like to try to help other people feel comfortable in their own skin and do things they never thought they could or would do!

What’s your fav class to take and why?

Flex! I love being stretched!

What’s your favorite move (on any apparatus, or no apparatus)?

My favorite move is probably Eagle. I have only done it once unassisted, but I thought it was the most beautiful shape when I first saw it and I still do 8 years later!

Got any pet friends? Tell us all about them!

Bree - 12 year old Australian shepherd mix dog; even though she is getting older, she still has as much energy as a puppy; she is fluffy, loving and excited about everything! Pippa - 8 year old black cat; I got her to match the fluffiness of Bree; she is tiny (7 lbs) but she makes up for it with sass and very vocal opinions about the world.

We all, inevitably, run into self doubt and frustration during our training. Tips for getting through that?

Try to go back to the reason you started pole. Sometimes we get focused on doing new tricks and we forget what made us feel good/happy/sexy when we started, so going back to those moves always makes me remember why I love pole and what about it really matters to me.

Anything you want students to know who come to your classes?

I am a very goofy human being :) I also firmly believe that even if you have “gotten” a move, there is always more you can do with it; the best dancers are the ones who have done a move so many times, they know it inside and out and can make it seem like a completely different trick just by changing a bent leg to straight, etc.

What’s your fav place to eat out at in Cbus (what’s your fav dish/drink there?)

Local Cantina - Coladarita, chips and queso with chorizo

Got a special cause or charity near and dear to your heart? Tell us about it!

The Ohio Wildlife Center - I have taken sick or injured wild animals there and they have done such a good job in nursing them back to health and releasing them again to the wild! Learn more here.

Thanks Sarah! Be sure to say hi when you see her around the studio, or meow incessantly when you're in class with her!

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